I Got Hit. Now What?

2018.10.02 Car Accidents

You got hit by another vehicle. Now What? Here are 3 easy tips if involved in a car accident:

1) Exchange insurance information and ask the officer to produce a police report. Calling the police immediately after an accident is important for a number of reasons. First, the police can assist in making sure the appropriate personnel arrive should there be any injuries or should a vehicle need to be towed from the scene. If injuries from a car accident require immediate medical care, an ambulance should be called so they can take the injured party to the hospital. Another reason why you want to call the police is so they can prepare a car accident report. An accident report is important especially if you are the injured party. A car accident report helps establish who was primarily responsible for the car accident and where the car accident occurred. It is evidence your car accident attorney can use in your favor when negotiation with the insurance company.

2) Take photos of the damage to both cars. In the heat of the moment, there are many things running through your mind. Many times clients come to us without having taken any photos of the accident. Don’t do this! Taking pictures of the damage to the vehicle helps our car accident attorneys at Mizani Law Firm in determining the impact of the car accident, and also helps establish the sequence of the car accident. Also remember to take pictures of your surroundings such as traffic conditions, intersections, and weather conditions. All these photos will be forwarded to the insurance company in helping establish your car accident demand.

3) Call the Mizani Law Firm before speaking to any insurance adjuster. This is important! Do not speak to an insurance adjuster without first speaking to one of our car accident attorneys. Often times, your conversations with the insurance company will be recorded, which in the event your matter needs to go to trial, the recording could be used against you. Remember, the insurance companies are in the business of protecting their bottom line. So before you call the insurance company, call the Mizani Law Firm so that we can be with you every step of the way in making sure you receive the car accident compensation you deserve.


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