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Here at Mizani Law Firm, we proudly carry a strong track record for successfully advocating for victims who have suffered personal injuries due to animal attacks. As a reputable legal practice in Fort Worth, Texas, we are committed to helping our clients secure the rightful compensation they are entitled to.

Texas Animal Attack Information

In the State of Texas, various laws govern animal attacks, extending beyond domesticated pets to encompass a wide range of wildlife. It is important to note that these regulations are not restricted to specific breeds or types of animals but apply broadly to any creature that poses a significant risk to human safety. Texas law operates under the principle that owners are legally responsible for the actions of their animals. However, it also allows for a reduction in awarded damages if the victim’s actions contributed to provoking the attack. Individuals who have suffered from animal attacks may be eligible to receive compensation based on the following factors:

• Negligence – If the owner or handler’s failure to reasonably control or restrain the animal led to the attack, it demonstrates a disregard for the safety of others.

• Violation of Local Animal Control Laws – If the attack occurred because the owner violated local animal control laws, it not only shows a lack of responsibility but also a direct violation of established regulations.

• Lack of Provocation – If it can be proven that the victim did not provoke the animal in any way, it counters any arguments of shared fault or comparative negligence and further underscores the liability of the owner.

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At Mizani Law Firm, we understand the trauma and complications that can result from animal attack injuries. Our animal attack attorneys are ready to provide strong legal representation to help you receive just compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other related costs.

From gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses, and leveraging our extensive knowledge of Texas animal attack laws, you can count on our animal attack lawyers to investigate every aspect of your case. Our goal is to establish the negligence or legal fault of the animal’s owner or handler, thus maximizing the compensation you can claim.

Most Dangerous Animals in
Fort Worth, TX


These wild creatures are common in Texas and can pose threats, especially when they venture into urban areas in search of food.


From pit bulls, rottweilers, to huskies, many dog breeds can demonstrate aggressive behavior without proper training or guidance from their owners.


Fort Worth, TX hosts several species of venomous snakes, including rattlesnakes, whose bites can be extremely dangerous.

Wild Boars

These large, aggressive animals can inflict serious injuries with their sharp tusks and powerful bodies.


Certain species, such as the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders, have venomous bites that can lead to serious health complications.

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Possessing a wealth of experience in handling animal attack cases, we at Mizani Law Firm are well-positioned to provide you with the legal representation you need to move forward. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients, our meticulous approach to case investigation, and our commitment to securing justice.

Our track record speaks volumes about our capabilities. We understand the nuances of Texas law surrounding animal attacks and use this knowledge to fight for your rights. When you choose Mizani Law Firm, you are choosing a partner who will always prioritize your best interest and well-being. Do not let an animal attack disrupt your life more than it already has. Reach out to us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Animal Attack Cases Frequently Asked Questions

After an animal attack, prioritize your safety and seek medical attention. Report the incident to local animal control authorities and document your injuries and the circumstances surrounding the attack. We also recommend consulting our experienced animal attack lawyers at Mizani Law Firm for sound legal advice and representation.
Claiming damages for injuries caused by a stray animal can be more complex than cases involving pets with known owners. While it might be difficult to identify a liable party in the case of a stray animal attack, there may be other avenues for compensation. For instance, if the attack occurred on someone else’s property, they may be held responsible under premises liability laws if they were aware of the stray animal’s presence and did nothing to mitigate the risk.
Texas follows a modified comparative negligence rule. This rule allows you to recover damages in an animal attack case if you were less than 51% at fault. However, your compensation would be reduced based on your percentage of fault.
Absolutely. Even if the animal’s owner is a known person, friend, or neighbor, negotiating directly can lead to uncomfortable situations. To avoid potential awkwardness or hostility, it is advisable to have an attorney handle your claims with the owner’s insurance provider.
Securing the services of an attorney who possesses a thorough understanding of Texas laws and regulations pertaining to animal attacks and personal injury claims is essential. At Mizani Law Firm, we have extensive experience in handling animal attack cases. Contact us today, and let our attorneys guide you through the legal process.

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