Pursuing a premise liability case is rarely the easiest road to take. However, do not let the daunting process or intimidation from the property owner or insurance company discourage you. If you or a family member was injured in a private or public property due to the owner’s negligence of lack of regard for your well-being, the Lone Star State has laws that enable you to file for claims. All you need is the right Premise Liability Attorney in Dallas and Fort Worth on your side. This is where Mizani Law Firm comes in.

We at Mizani Law Firm are here to be the premise liability lawyers you need. We offer quality and affordable legal services for residents in the DFW, Texas area who suffered considerable injuries in another person or company’s property. Whether it is a classic slip and fall case or a catastrophic industrial accident, no case is too big or too small for our attorneys. All that matters is that you receive proper compensation for the medical bills, loss of past and future wages, pain and suffering, psychological and emotional turmoil, scars and disfigurement, and any other damages that resulted from the premise liability injuries.

Why Should Mizani Law Firm Be Your Premise Liability Attorney?

Mizani Law Firm’s premise liability attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth never back down from a legal battle, especially knowing that our clients deserve just compensation. Many insurance companies know that it can be challenging to prove liability, and they will use this to convince you to take a lower offer or delay the payment altogether. The same goes for property owners or corporations/businesses that are responsible for your injury.

Mizani Law Firm has zero tolerance for low-balling or short-changing our clients. We are ready to fight tooth and nail in litigation or the court room until you and your family are properly compensated. Rest assured that your case is in good and very capable hands. We have decades of experience in premise liability as well as personal injury cases. Our team also has some of the most promising Texas accident lawyers today. Find out for yourself how professional we are. Call us now so we can personally assist you.

What is Premise Liability?

The first part of premise liability is proving that the plaintiff was injured in a property that was neither their home nor workplace. The injured party could be a customer or client of a store or office, diner at a restaurant, guest in a hotel or resort, or visitor at a hospital or nursing facility. They could also be invited as a guest of someone else’s home. The general rule of thumb is that the place where the injury occurred can be any type of commercial or private space. Someone else’s sidewalk or yard or the side of a building or parking lot are already considered a premise.

The second and considerably challenging half is proving that the accused failed to safeguard the well-being of the victim in their premise and is therefore responsible for the injury. Whether the purpose of being in the property was personal or professional reasons, the owner, tenant, or maintenance provider can be held liable for any injury or death that occurred within the premise. For legal advice, contact an expert wrongful death attorney in Fort Worth.

Under Texas Law, the following are the elements required to successfully prove up a premise liability case:

  • The property owner/management had prior knowledge of the condition that caused the injury;
  • The property posed an unreasonable risk of harm;
  • The defendant should have conducted safety measures to lessen or eliminate the risk and informed the visitors of the property of the threat;
  • It was proven that the victim was indeed injured;
  • The health risk or hazard in the property caused the plaintiff’s injury.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the medical costs of premise liability cases, which are mostly slip and fall accidents, reached approximately $34 billion in the United States. Among the most common injuries can range from broken or fractured bones, cuts and bruises, to brain trauma, paralysis, internal injuries, or death.

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Various Types of Premise Liability in Fort Worth, Texas

Slip and Fall Injuries – When the victim suffers slips, trips, and falls due to wet and slippery floors, broken rails or steps, uneven walkway, and many more reasons. You must contact slip & fall accident attorney in Fort Worth;

Negligent Security – When the tenant or visitor was injured or became a victim of a crime due to inadequate security measures of the property owner;

Industrial Site Premise Liability Accident – When an accident occurred in a warehouse, construction site, or factory and the injured party is not employed by the company or business that owns the property;

Fire-Related Premise Liability Accident – When a person was injured from a fire, explosion, or chemical reaction in someone else’s property;

Stairwell, Elevator, Balcony & Deck Premise Liability Accident – When a person was injured from an accident involving elevators, balconies, stairwells, or decks;

Parking Lot Accidents and Assaults – When an accident or assault, robbery, or any crime happened in a parking lot;

Amusement Park Premise Liability Accident – When someone gets hurt in a ride or in any part of the amusement park;

Swimming Pool Premise Liability Accident – When the accident occurred in the swimming pool premises.


Why Hire Mizani Law Firm?

We at Mizani Law Firm only have results-oriented premise liability attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth who believe in good old-fashioned integrity, professionalism, and a bit of elbow grease. More often than not premise liability cases tend to be complex and require attention to detail and above-average argumentative skills. We are prepared to offer thousands of man hours on investigation and litigation, and rest assured that we will not stop until you get the compensation that you deserve.

Mizani Law Firm is available everyday, 24/7, to help you with your premise liability case. Call us today at (800) 273-1883, email us at, or fill out the information sheet on this website to schedule a free case evaluation. Our aggressive Texas personal injury lawyers are currently serving Arlington, Plano, Irving, McKinney, Frisco, Mesquite, Carrollton, Denton, Richardson, Lewisville, Garland, Grand Prairie, and other cities in Dallas Fort Worth and Tarrant County.


Here at Mizani Law Firm, we work at contingency fee arrangements. We do not charge our clients with an attorney’s fee upfront. We are paid a portion of the settlement fee or compensation given to them after we have successfully handled the case. This means that our clients do not have to be pressured or worry about paying us. Instead, they can focus on recovery, their families, and getting their lives back together. We offer the same arrangements to you once you hire us as your Dallas and Fort Worth personal injury attorney.

Under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the victim is entitled to punitive damages (also known as exemplary damages) if they can prove that without a doubt the accused caused the personal injury due to negligence, malicious intent, or some form of fraud. Aside from receiving just compensation (for medical bills, pain and suffering, to name a few), you, too, can also receive more money if your premise liability attorney can convince the jury that you deserve it and the defendant should pay more as additional punishment. The cap for exemplary damages in Texas is $200,000.

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