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Distracted driving accidents can lead to costly injuries and even the death of loved ones. When you find yourself aggrieved by the negligent driving of others, Mizani Law Firm stands as your advocate in seeking justice for the damage caused. Our distracted driving accident attorneys in Fort Worth are well-versed in negligence laws and work tirelessly to help you secure just compensation.

Texas Distracted Driving Accident Information

In Texas, distracted driving accidents are governed by various laws aimed at preventing negligent behavior behind the wheel. In 2017, the state officially passed hands-free laws to ban the use of handheld electronic devices while driving. Under these laws, drivers may only legally operate these devices through hands-free technology, such as Bluetooth, voice commands, and other special apps. To establish liability in a distracted driving accident case in Texas, claimants should typically prove the following four elements:  

  • Duty of Care – It should be established that the defendant owes a duty to operate their vehicle safely. 
  • Breach of Duty – The defendant must be shown to have committed an act that breaches the duty to drive safely by engaging in distracted driving behavior such as texting, using an electronic device, and the like. 
  • Causation – The distracted behavior of the defendant must be the proximate cause of the accident. 
  • Damage – The claimant suffered damages as a result of the accident.  

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At Mizani Law Firm, our team of dedicated Fort Worth distracted driving accident attorneys are well-versed in the many laws that define distracted behavior while operating a motor vehicle. We take time to collect all the relevant facts of a distracted driving accident and gather the necessary evidence, building a strong case to maximize the probability of recovery.

Our lawyers will relentlessly advocate for your claims from a distracted driving accident. Whether it is to negotiate a fair settlement or to advance a lawful claim before the courts of law, we stand ready to protect your legal interests with dedication. You can trust us to be your partner in pursuing rightful remuneration for the harm you suffered at the hands of a distracted driver.

Common Causes Of Distracted Driving
Accidents In Fort Worth, TX


Texting while driving diverts attention from the road, causing drivers to take their eyes off the highway, increasing the risk of collisions and severe injuries.

Talking on the Phone

Holding a phone while talking while driving results in manual, visual, and cognitive distractions, leading to delayed reaction times and potential accidents with significant injury risks.

Using GPS or Navigation Systems

Interacting with GPS or navigation systems while driving creates cognitive distractions, impairing the driver’s focus on the road and increasing the likelihood of accidents, especially at complex intersections or highway merges.

Eating and Drinking

Eating or drinking while driving causes manual distractions as drivers handle food or beverages, leading to reduced control of the vehicle and an increased risk of accidents, particularly during abrupt maneuvers.

Adjusting Music or Radio Controls

Adjusting music or radio controls while driving involves manual and cognitive distractions, diverting attention from the road and elevating the danger of collisions, particularly in heavy traffic or complex driving conditions.

Using Social Media or Taking Selfies

Engaging in social media activities or taking selfies while driving involves visual, cognitive, and manual distractions, as it diverts the driver’s attention from the road and significantly increases the risk of accidents, particularly at high speeds.

Reaching for Objects

Reaching for objects within the vehicle while driving causes manual distractions, forcing the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel and increasing the potential for accidents, especially in situations requiring sudden maneuvers.


Reading documents or maps while driving creates visual and cognitive distractions, impairing the driver’s ability to observe traffic conditions and respond to hazards promptly, leading to potential accidents with severe injury risks.

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Entrusting your distracted driving accident case to our team at Mizani Law Firm equates to unwavering advocacy and expert representation. Our seasoned attorneys understand the complexities of distracted driving cases, meticulously investigating the nuances of distraction-related incidents. We leverage our comprehensive understanding of the law to establish liability and pursue rightful compensation for your injuries and losses.

Whether the distracted driving accident was caused by texting, eating, reading, or other distractive behavior, you can expect compassionate support, strategic legal guidance, and relentless advocacy from Mizani Law Firm’s legal team. Take the first step toward seeking justice for your distracted driving accident case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our distracted driving attorneys in Fort Worth.

Dog Bite Injury Frequently Asked Questions

A thorough investigation is crucial to gathering evidence to support your distracted driving case. Evidence such as witness statements, phone records, surveillance footage, or police reports can help establish distraction.
Compensation for distracted driving accident claims can cover various expenses such as medical bills, income lost due to inability to work, property damage, emotional distress, and, in certain instances, punitive damages.
Liability depends on the specific circumstances of the case. While the driver is primarily responsible, other parties may share liability. For example, employers may be liable if the driver was working at the time of the accident.
You can still recover damages, but your compensation may be reduced based on your degree of fault. This is in accordance with the rule of comparative negligence, which is applied in Texas.
No, it is not. At Mizani Law Firm, we handle cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no upfront costs. We only collect fees if we secure compensation for you. This arrangement allows access to high-quality legal representation, regardless of financial circumstances.

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