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If you or a loved one has been involved in a drunk driving accident in Fort Worth, TX, Mizani Law Firm is at your service. As a leading law firm that specializes in auto accidents, we have experienced attorneys who possess extensive knowledge of drunk driving laws and are prepared to take on such cases. We advocate safe driving and work hard to fight for our clients’ rights and help them receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Texas Drunk Driving Accident Information

Under Texas law, a driver is considered legally intoxicated when their blood alcohol concentration reaches 0.08% or more. The driver may also be considered impaired despite a lower blood alcohol concentration if they have ingested alcohol and/or drugs and if their demeanor shows they cannot function normally because of it. Alcohol consumption can impair a driver as it slows down their reaction time and reflexes, causing blurred vision, slower motor function, impaired judgment, and even the risk of blacking out behind the wheel. As such, drunk driving accidents can cause devastating high-speed vehicular accidents and reckless collisions. Below are the people or entities that may be held responsible for such accidents: 

  • The Drunk Driver – The drunk driver will be first to be liable for any accident and any injuries or damages caused by it if there is no other intervening force to cause it, and the other party is not partially responsible. 
  • The Drunk Driver’s Employer – Employers may be held liable for injuries caused by their employees who cause drunk driving accidents. This can happen if employees drive drunk after company-sponsored events or if they were working when the accident occurred.  
  • The Drunk Driver’s Server – Bartenders, liquor store employees, event hosts, catering staff, or establishment owners may be held liable for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers who cause harm, especially in fatal drunk driving accidents.  

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Here at Mizani Law Firm, our skilled attorneys carry years of experience zealously representing clients in drunk driving accident cases. You can count on us to diligently work on your case after the initial consultation to investigate your claim and gather critical evidence, including interviewing witnesses.

Afterward, we will assist in filing a personal injury claim, as well as answer your questions with compassion and promptness. We are dedicated to helping you get the justice you need to help you heal and move forward from the accident.

Different Types of Drunk Drivers
in Fort Worth, TX

First-Time Offenders

These individuals may not habitually drink and drive but make a one-time, poor decision. They often underestimate the effects of alcohol on their driving abilities and still get behind the wheel.

Occasional Binge Drinkers

These drivers might not consume alcohol regularly, but when they do, they drink excessively. They often get behind the wheel, believing they are capable of driving safely despite their high blood alcohol concentration.

Habitual Drunk Drivers

These individuals regularly drink and drive, often underestimating their level of impairment. They pose a significant risk to themselves and others on the road due to their frequent drunken driving episodes.


These drivers suffer from alcohol addiction and frequently drive under the influence. They often have a high tolerance for alcohol, which can lead them to believe they are less impaired than they actually are.

Underage Drunk Drivers

These drivers are below the legal drinking age but choose to drink and drive. They are particularly dangerous as they combine inexperience with impaired judgment and motor skills.

Drugged and Drunk Drivers

These drivers are under the influence of both alcohol and other drugs. The combination of substances can significantly impair their driving abilities and lead to unpredictable behavior on the road.

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We at Mizani Law Firm understand the devastating impact and trauma related to a drunk driving accident. That is why our team of skilled drunk driving accident attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas are dedicated to helping victims receive the compensation they are owed. We aim to alleviate the stress of filing a drunk driving accident claim and are ready to assist you throughout the process.

We will work to help you receive full compensation, covering medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, lost wages, emotional trauma, and punitive damages, if applicable. Rest assured that we will leverage our extensive experience in handling drunk driving accident cases to pursue the justice you deserve. Call us today for a free initial review of your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving Accidents

If the drunk driver is uninsured, your uninsured motorist insurance may cover medical expenses related to your injuries. If you do not have this coverage, you can file a claim with the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund and consider looking into other options with a reputable drunk driving accident lawyer in Fort Worth, TX.
There is no exact amount you are assured to receive from a drunk driving accident claim. It will be based on several factors, such as the severity of your injuries, if you followed the prescribed treatment for said injuries, the circumstances surrounding the accident, who the at-fault driver is, if the driver was arrested for intoxication, insurance coverage, and more.
Texas has a two-year statute of limitations on drunk driving accident claims. However, it is possible to delay the statute if the victim is under a legal disability, which includes being a person under 18 years old or with an unsound mind.
Common injuries experienced by victims of drunk driving include concussions, whiplash, broken bones, loss of limbs, road rash, burns, internal bleeding, neck and spine injuries, bruises, contusions, shock, traumatic brain injuries, emotional trauma, and even death.
The first thing to do is to call 911 and seek medical attention. If possible, take note of any erratic behavior or strange smells from the driver, as this can be used as evidence of their impairment for the police report and potential lawsuit. We also recommend taking pictures and videos of the vehicles involved, the scene of the accident, and any injuries, and documenting your medical expenses.

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