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Mizani Law Firm is a nationally recognized personal injury trial law firm that specializes in slip and fall injuries in Fort Worth, Texas. Our team of trained attorneys possess the expertise to represent victims of personal injuries caused by the negligence of the property owner. With millions recovered, you can trust Mizani Law Firm to work tirelessly to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Texas Slip And Fall Injury Information

In Texas, slip and fall accidents are a common premises liability claims that can occur on public or private property, however, they are most common in businesses with a lot of foot traffic, such as restaurants, grocery stores, or sidewalks. Such accidents can happen from wet or greasy floors, loose carpets, broken or uneven flooring, or snow accumulation. A property or business owner is only liable for a slip and fall accident if the owner was aware of the safety hazard and did not take reasonable action to fix it. Texas law requires owners to exercise care in maintaining their property for guests, which are categorized as:

Invitees – People who have been permitted to enter the property for business and should have the highest level of care. These can include a customer or shopper in a store, a diner eating in a restaurant, or a guest in a hotel.

Licensees – People who are authorized to enter the property for purposes unrelated to business. These can include a friend visiting a house, a party guest, a delivery worker, or a person hired to perform maintenance services on the property.

Trespassers – People who go onto someone’s property without permission. Usually, property owners have the least degree of responsibility over trespassers.

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Here at Mizani Law Firm, our dedicated slip and fall attorneys are ready to go above and beyond when representing you. If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, we will provide a reasonable estimate of the compensation you should receive, along with the challenges that may arise with your case.

Slip and fall injury claims can include compensation for medical expenses, lost income, permanent injuries, pain and suffering, at-home care, and other quantifiable economic losses. Count on us to thoroughly review your case and pursue the justice you deserve.

Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries
in Fort Worth, Texas

Broken Bones

Bone fractures are a common injury after a fall, particularly in the elderly or those with osteoporosis.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Whether or not one’s head hits the ground, a concussion, hematoma, hemorrhage, or other traumatic brain injuries may occur after a fall.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These refer to injuries that affect the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which can be painful and cause serious harm.

Knee Injuries

If you twist your knee as you fall, it may cause damage, particularly to the ACL or MCL. Besides this, there is the risk of patella dislocation or ligament tears.

Dislocated Shoulders

This happens when you land on or hit your shoulder as you fall, which occurs when the upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder blade socket.

Spine and Nerve Damage

This type of injury may be considered catastrophic as it can potentially alter one’s quality of life.

Cuts and Bruises

While these may sound minor, cuts and bruises may result in any kind of internal or external damage during the fall.

Neck Injuries

These include collarbone fractures, whiplash, and stingers, to name a few, that can result in serious consequences, such as paralysis.

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When choosing Mizani Law Firm, you can rest assured that you are working with some of the most aggressive slip-and-fall injury lawyers in Texas. Regardless of the case size or complexity, we will use our knowledge and expertise on Texas’ slip and fall laws to provide you with the legal representation you deserve.

We utilize a client-focused approach, with our slip-and-fall lawyers closely working with our clients to keep them updated throughout the process. Regardless the type of injury, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind and will work diligently to get you rightfully compensated. Call us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our slip and fall attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dog Bite Injury Frequently Asked Questions

No, Texas property owners are not automatically liable for a slip and fall accident. The victim must prove several factors which among them are: (1) a serious injury; (2) a dangerous condition on the property that the property owner knew or should have known; and (3) that the owner had the opportunity to warn people about the condition or to fix it but neglected to do so.
After seeking medical attention, you must take detailed photos of the scene of the slip and fall and document your injuries. Make sure that you also save receipts and records of your medical expenses and keep track of every detail related to the accident, as well as your pain and suffering. Take these documents to a reputable slip-and-fall attorney, as this can strengthen your legal case.
You must hire a premises liability lawyer with a clear understanding of slip and fall laws in Texas. Here at Mizani Law Firm, our team of slip and fall attorneys can confidently assist you through the legal process of your slip and fall case and have obtained the wins and settlements to prove it.
Under Texas comparative fault law, there is a chance to recover partial compensation, provided that the victim was not more than 50% at fault.
While video proof obtained by security cameras is beneficial in a slip-and-fall case, it is not required. If you do not have video evidence, having witnesses to the accident and eliciting helpful testimony during litigation is critical.

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