We at Mizani Law Firm have decades of experience in dealing with various personal injury cases, including devastating and complex catastrophic injury cases. Regardless of the nature or cause of the accident, no one can understand the full extent of what catastrophic injury victims and their families are going through emotionally and financially. If you or your loved one suffered from a very serious injury, our Fort Worth catastrophic injury attorneys offer our legal services to you. We will make sure that the people who caused these injuries are brought to justice and you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.

How Can Mizani Law Firm Fight for Your Catastrophic Injuries Case?

Mizani Law Firm’s personal injury and auto accident attorneys in Fort Worth take cases related to catastrophic injuries very seriously. The moment you hire us as your legal representatives, know that we will not rest justice has been delivered. We are ready to investigate your case, evaluate all possible legal actions, and fight aggressively in court until we bring you favorable results.

You need lawyers who deliver results, not empty promises. Mizani Law Firm has a consistently high success rate in Dallas Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Texas. We have already won multi-million dollar worth of cases to ensure that our clients’ medical expenses, future care, and other costs are taken cared for. Are you still thinking if we are right for the job? Contact us today so we can personally share with your our successful catastrophic injury cases in the past and explain how we can help you.

More About Catastrophic Injuries

Serious injuries that are permanent or long-term and physically and emotionally hinder a person from working and enjoying life are considered catastrophic injuries. Often resulting as a disability, these injuries are caused by accidents or intentional crimes, such as car accidents, truck accidents, construction site accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, assault, and more. We have experienced injuries lawyers and motorcycle accident attorney in Dallas.

Victims of catastrophic injuries are often no longer self-reliant and will need constant assistance or worse, a regular nurse or live-in care. Their quality of life is significantly diminished as well as their capacity to maintain the same work and lifestyle they had before the incident. They need to be financially compensated as soon as possible because after two years of the incident without any legal action, the case will no longer be valid in Texas. These are only some of the reasons why the designated catastrophic injuries attorney needs to be aggressive, resourceful, and sympathetic to their clients’ cause.

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Most Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Fort Worth, TX

Traumatic Brain Injuries – When one’s head is hit by an object with significant force and can result in permanent brain damage, emotional difficulties, speech and language disabilities, to name a few;

Spinal Cord Injuries – When the spinal cord is damaged and results in partial or full paralysis, decreased sensation and/or movement, and other permanent injuries to sensory and motor nerves;

Amputation – When the limbs are severed or permanently disfigured from an accident; usually caused by auto wrecks or collisions;

Severe Burns – When the skin suffers permanent scars and tissue damage from a burn injury; Often permanent when it is a third-degree or fourth-degree burn;

Ruptured Organs – When vital organs, i.e. kidney, spleen, liver, or bowels were damaged and need to be immediately addressed;

Vision Loss & Eye Injuries – When one is rendered blind or vision is permanently impaired;

Acoustic Trauma – When there is definite and permanent hearing damage.


Why Hire Mizani Law Firm?

More than having some of the best personal injury lawyers in Dallas and Fort Worth, we at Mizani Law Firm are advocates against any forms of injustice. We strongly believe that no one should permanently suffer financially for the negligence and/or malicious intentions of others. Injuries caused by catastrophic incidents should be addressed in court and we are going to make sure that you and your family’s future are secured.

Mizani Law Firm is available 24/7 to take your calls and become your catastrophic injury lawyer at a moment’s notice. Contact us today at (800) 273-1883, email us at, or fill out the information sheet on this website to schedule a free case evaluation. We are currently serving Arlington, Plano, Irving, McKinney, Frisco, Mesquite, Carrollton, Denton, Richardson, Lewisville, Garland, Grand Prairie, and other cities in Dallas Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Texas.


The person or company held responsible for your injuries should cover all possible medical expenses, continuous medical care and medications, nursing care, therapy, counselling, lost current and future wages, diminished capacity to earn, pain and suffering, emotional distress and losses, disfigurement, and any medical equipment or prosthetics brought by permanent injuries.

The Fort Worth catastrophic injury attorneys of Mizani Law Firm work at contingency fee arrangements. This means that you pay nothing unless we recover your rightful claims. For decades we have operated at a very high success rate, and we are confident that we can give our clients favorable results.

Moderate and serious injuries also involve personal injury claims, but the compensation is often not as huge and estimated for a longer duration. Catastrophic injury cases tend to be more complicated legal battles and result to larger settlements and possible criminal case. Most of the time this type of personal injury case requires an in-depth analysis of medical and economic professionals to estimate the rightful remuneration for the victim.

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