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Mizani Law Firm is a leading practice that specializes in negligent security suits. Our team of negligent security attorneys in Fort Worth can assist you in advancing claims against property owners for injuries suffered as a result of inadequate security measures. You can count on us for legal advocacy and representation to vindicate your rights.

Texas Negligent Security Accident Information

Texas state laws mandate that property owners are required to implement reasonable security measures to prevent foreseeable criminal acts, such as assaults, robberies, or other violent crimes, on their premises. This duty includes implementing security measures like proper lighting, surveillance cameras, security personnel, and access controls to deter criminal activities. Property owners must also conduct regular assessments of potential security risks and address any known hazards promptly. When a property owner fails to uphold this duty and someone suffers harm due to criminal acts on their property, they may be held liable for negligence. Accordingly, determining liability for negligent security cases involves an examination of the following factors: 

  • Foreseeability – The incident on the property owner’s property that led to injuries must be foreseeable in connection with the premises. If it is not ordinarily associated with the characteristics and usual business of the property, the property owner is not liable. 
  • Adequacy of Security Measures – For liability for negligent security to arise, there must be a clear showing that the security measures on the property, such as lighting, a surveillance office, security personnel, access controls, and fencing, were inadequate.  
  • Compliance with Regulations – If the property owner did not comply with pertinent regulations, such as building codes, ordinances, and security requirements applicable to the property type, liability may arise for injuries suffered from the non-compliance. 
  • Response to Known Risk – Property owners are required to take appropriate action in response to known security risks within the area of the property. If the response is not appropriate to the known risk, liability will arise.  
  • Causation – There must be a clear showing of a direct link between the injuries suffered by the claimant and the property owner’s negligent security measure or response in order for compensation to be awarded. 

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Our team of Fort Worth negligent security attorneys at Mizani Law Firm understands the profound impact inadequate property security can have on both individuals and communities. This is why we make it a point to work diligently to hold property owners accountable for their negligence. We thoroughly assess the facts of each case and analyze key legal factors, such as the nature of the incident, its foreseeability, and the extent of security provided by the property owner, to build a strong case. 

At Mizani Law Firm, we bring a steadfast commitment to justice and unwavering dedication to our clients in the work we do. We strive to obtain the compensation and accountability rightfully deserved by those who have been injured as a result of a lack of proper security measures. You can count on us to stand by your side and protect your rights if you have been harmed by negligent security practices.  

Common Examples of Negligent Security
Practices in Fort Worth, TX

Property owners failing to install or maintain adequate lighting in parking lots, stairwells, or walkways may create an environment conducive to criminal activities.
Neglecting to repair or replace broken locks on doors, windows, or gates compromises the security of the premises, making it easier for unauthorized individuals to gain access and commit crimes.
Failing to install surveillance cameras in high-risk areas or neglecting to monitor existing camera systems can hinder the detection and deterrence of criminal activities.
Employing an insufficient number of security guards or inadequately trained personnel may result in delayed response times to security incidents, diminishing the effectiveness of on-site security measures.
Property owners neglecting to repair or maintain perimeter fencing or using substandard fencing materials may compromise the physical security of the premises.
Neglecting to implement visitor screening procedures, such as requiring identification or registering guests, can facilitate unauthorized access to the premises.
Property owners failing to develop and communicate emergency response plans to tenants or employees may worsen security vulnerabilities during crisis situations.
Property owners neglecting to provide adequate training to staff members on security protocols, emergency procedures, and recognizing suspicious behavior may hinder their ability to effectively respond to security threats.
Ignoring or downplaying previous security incidents or criminal activities on the property and failing to implement corrective measures may expose occupants to ongoing risks and contribute to a pattern of negligent security practices.
Failing to secure or restrict access to potentially hazardous areas, such as maintenance rooms, storage facilities, or secluded areas, may facilitate criminal activities or accidents.

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At Mizani Law Firm, we recognize the fact that property owners have a legal duty to maintain safe premises and uphold the well-being of their visitors, tenants, or customers. When property owners fail to fulfill this obligation, our legal firm is ready to hold them accountable. We bring a strategic approach to each negligent security case, diligently investigating the pertinent facts in order to maximize compensation claims for our clients.  

Our negligent security lawyers in Fort Worth come with years of experience and are dedicated to providing compassionate and skilled representation to victims of inadequate security measures. From conducting thorough investigations to aggressively negotiating with insurance companies and advocating in court, our legal team works tirelessly to secure the compensation and justice our clients deserve. Contact us today for more information about our legal services and to schedule a consultation for your case.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Negligent Security Cases

Property owners, managers, landlords, security companies, and even third-party contractors responsible for security measures may be held liable if their negligence contributes to a security-related incident.
Yes, Texas follows a modified comparative negligence system, allowing victims to recover compensation even if they were partially at fault for the incident. However, your compensation may be reduced proportionally to your percentage of fault.
Yes, you can still pursue a negligent security claim even if the perpetrator is caught and prosecuted criminally. The criminal case and the civil negligent security claim are separate legal matters.
While waivers or disclaimers may be used by property owners as a defense, they may not necessarily absolve them of liability for negligent security. Our experienced Fort Worth negligent security lawyers at Mizani Law Firm can review the specific circumstances of your case to determine the validity of any waivers or disclaimers.
Yes, negligent security claims must be filed within two years from the date of the incident under the Statute of Limitations in the state of Texas.

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