A premises liability case deals with injuries caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain his property or to warn visitors of hazards. Some of these claims are associated with, loose or defective carpet, defective railings, improper lighting, snow and ice, failure to clear a spill, and failure to warn of a slippery condition.


Premise Liability cases occur more frequently than you may realize. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), direct medical costs of falls in the United States in 2013 totaled about $34 billion. Slip and falls can cause traumatic injuries, including brain injuries, fractures, and ligament damage.

Often times, many insurance companies will deny liability in a slip and fall matter because they know that the elements for an injured party to prove up are often more difficult. At Mizani Law Firm, we have successfully represented clients injured in a slip and fall and have recovered large six digit settlements on behalf of our clients. In Texas, to successfully prove up a premise liability case, the injured party must show the following:

Examples of Catastrophic Personal Injury Cases

  1. A condition existed on the defendant’s property that posed an unreasonable risk of harm to a person present on the property.
  2. The defendant knew, or should have known in the exercise of ordinary care, that the condition of their property posed an unreasonable risk of harm.
  3. The defendant should have anticipated that a person on the property would not discover the danger or would fail to protect themselves against it.
  4. The defendant was negligent in that they created the condition, knew about the condition and negligently failed to correct it or should have known about the condition.
  5. The plaintiff was injured.
  6. The condition of the defendant’s property caused the plaintiff’s injury.

If you believe you have been injured in a premise liability matter, it is important to get a consultation from a knowledgeable Dallas and Fort Worth premise liability attorney. Mizani Law Firm is available 24/7, and will travel to you to offer a free premise liability consultation in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex.

At Mizani Law Firm, we are committed to ensuring that our clients injured in a premise liability claim receive the compensation they deserve. Our Fort Worth premise liability attorney have a proven record of success handling these claims, and are prepared to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company.

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