Catastrophic injuries are those injuries that permanently prevent an individual from performing work and enjoying life the way he or she would have before the accident. Often, they involve permanent disabilities or have very long-term effects. Some common catastrophic injuries are spinal cord injuries, severe burns, accidental amputations, brain injury, and paralysis. The most common causes of catastrophic injuries are motor vehicle accidents, construction site falls, medical malpractice, and intentional acts of violence.


If you or a loved one were involved in a serious accident and suffered a catastrophic injury, it is important to get a consultation from a knowledgeable Dallas and Fort Worth catastrophic injury attorney. Mizani Law Firm is available 24/7, and will travel to you to offer a free consultation.

At Mizani Law Firm, we are committed to ensuring that our clients who are catastrophically injured as a result of someone else’s negligence receive the compensation they deserve. We have a proven record of success handling these claims, and are prepared to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company.

Examples of Catastrophic Personal Injury Cases

There are many types of catastrophic injuries that likely would require legal counsel to explore and pursue legal options. Some examples include: Regardless of the cause of your life-altering injury, there will be many important factors surrounding your case. Sorting it all out to establish fault and the extent of the damages you suffer likely will necessitate help from a proven Dallas and Fort Worth Catastrophic Injury attorney.

What types of damages might a catastrophic injury cause?

Each case is unique, but there are a number of possible damages that victims might suffer. It is important to be compensated fully for all the damages you or your loved one suffer to be sure you receive the care and service you need. Given the severe nature of catastrophic injuries, the judgment or settlement sums are often large and may cover:
  • Medical bills (past and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced capacity to earn a wage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
In order to get the just compensation you deserve, you may have to secure expert testimony from doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, life care planners and other professionals with the requisite knowledge and experience to investigate and communicate the specifics of your case. The Catastrophic Injury attorneys at Mizani Law Firm can help you get the settlement you deserve. Call us for a free attorney consultation.

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